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Product Pre-ordering


NucAP™ Pyoderma Tri-plates

  • Indications for use include dogs with clinical lesions resembling pyoderma (pustules and papules resembling bacterial folliculitis, and epidermal collarettes) and the cytological presence of cocci within the lesions.
  • Provides Oxacillin and Clindamycin results for key Gram-positive pathogens, including S. pseudintermedius.
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Blue Transluminator
NucAP™ Startup Package (Blue light box + NucAP™ Pyoderma Tri-plates)

  • Blue light box (Edvotek TruBlu™ 2 Blue/White Transilluminator).
  • NucAP™ Pyoderma Tri-plates (10 plates/package) - description above.
  • Limit one NucAP™ Startup Package per customer.
  • Offer expires July 30, 2022.

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NucAP™ Pyoderma Tri-plates

NucAP™ Startup Package (Light Box + Plates)




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